Why PracticalESG?

PracticalESG.com is a trusted source of ESG guidance and updates, curated by experienced and recognized practitioners emphasizing practicality, usability and appropriateness of information. Our flexible subscription model allows customers to obtain comprehensive ESG updates or any individual elements separately.

PracticalESG.com keeps you in-the-know on environmental, social and governance developments — by delivering pragmatic information that you can actually use. We’ve been involved with corporate sustainability programs. We know that success requires bringing together multidisciplinary experts and tracking cross-departmental information, and that there’s an art to cutting through operational silos.

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What Does ESG Stand For?

Environmental risk management, monitoring and reporting is not new. We have seen this topic evolve from purely a compliance matter in the 1980s to environmental management systems in the 1990s, and it shifted again from integrated environmental, health and safety (EHS) in the 2000s to environmental risk management in the 2010s.

Now we are entering a new, broader phase of corporate environmental stewardship, in which standards and expectations are rapidly developing. Getting practical and timely guidance is more important than ever.

PracticalESG.com will provide information on corporate activities and outcomes that impact the health of the planet, including:

  • Waste management
  • Air emissions (including greenhouse gas emissions)
  • Climate change impacts
  • Water and wastewater management
  • Product design and use concerns (i.e., product life cycle impacts and energy needs)
  • Chemical use in manufacturing
  • Chemical content of products
  • Recyclability/circular economy
  • “Responsible manufacturing”
  • Packaging
  • Supply chain environmental impacts back to the point of raw material extraction/mining

The role of corporations in society is getting fresh scrutiny from employees, customers, communities, investors and the government.

Boards, HR professionals, disclosure specialists and advisors are grappling with both long-standing and novel issues — as well as risk stakeholder fallout if they don’t anticipate and proactively address emerging risks. PracticalESG.com will provide deeper insight on corporate activities and outcomes that affect people and society, including:

  • Workforce diversity, equity and inclusion practices and outcomes
  • Supply chain diversity
  • Employee health and safety
  • Workplace and employment conditions of suppliers/contractors/business partners
  • Employee well-being beyond the workplace
  • Community health conditions around manufacturing locations
  • Impact on cultural resources and indigenous communities
  • Natural resource use and impacts on society
  • Impact of technology and data privacy

TheCorporateCounsel.net has been a go-to resource for corporate and securities lawyers for nearly 20 years. It continues to serve as PracticalESG.com’s home for deeper information on the structures and practices that affect how corporations are governed, and how corporations share information with and relate to shareholders.

This community-based resource delivers expert advice in the form of checklists, handbooks, daily blogs, Q&A forums and thousands of law firm memos. These resources alert practitioners to new developments and explain the nuances of board functions, documentation and SEC reporting. TheCorporateCounsel.net is your source for information on:

  • Board structure, duties and responsibilities
  • Board’s role in overseeing emerging risks and opportunities, including ESG and compliance
  • Board composition and skills, including board diversity
  • Board training
  • Director information needs
  • D&O insurance
  • CEO succession
  • Codes of ethics
  • Shareholder rights
  • Anticipating and responding to shareholder proposals
  • Shareholder engagement expectations
  • SEC disclosure requirements and practices

About the Editors


Lawrence Heim is Editor of CCRcorp’s ESG platform, where he shares insights based on over 35 years of supporting companies in environmental, health & safety compliance and management. He’s led various types of non-financial audits, designed corrective action programs and helped implement sustainability programs. He spent nearly a decade in-house at a Fortune 150 manufacturer and went on to help create the Global Environmental Risk Consulting Practice at Marsh USA. Later, Lawrence founded & led the Sustainability practice at Elm Consulting Group, and most recently, he led development of supply chain due diligence standards at the Responsible Business Alliance/Responsible Minerals Initiative. When the SEC’s conflict minerals rules were under consideration, Lawrence was the only non-financial auditor selected to give testimony to the Commission. In 2018, he published the book “Killing Sustainability.” Lawrence also sits on the board of ASSET, a non-profit anti-slavery organization.


Ngozi Okeh is an experienced leader with a history of driving efforts to conceptualize, define, assess and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as strategic business processes.

Ngozi is currently the Director of DEI at a leading marketing technology company where she develops and executes enterprise-wide DEI initiatives through rigorous strategic planning efforts, community partnerships, leadership collaboration, strategy evaluation, and careful management of communication and buy-in as well as policies and procedures. Previously, she worked at an independent mortgage bank, where her work resulted in a significant increase in the recruitment, engagement, and retention of employees from underrepresented communities, in addition to increased production of over 10 million dollars by empowering communities of color.

As a consultant, Ngozi also partners with associations and companies to develop clear and actionable strategies that drive internal and external DEI objectives. She develops, implements, and monitors programs to attract, engage, and retain diverse teams and communities by leading organization-wide initiatives. She is also a dynamic educator with extensive experience developing training curriculum for all audiences.

Ngozi has a master’s in human resources management with an emphasis in diversity and inclusion from Georgetown University. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of California, San Diego. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and running half marathons.

Access PracticalESG.com now for in-depth, pragmatic coverage of issues arising under each of the ESG pillars.


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