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  • 75+ comprehensive practice areas addressing antitrust law, antitakeover provisions, appraisal rights, break-up fees, controlling shareholders, federal and state disclosure issues, fiduciary duties, hostile deals, letters of intent, LBOs, private equity, post-acquisition disputes, spin-offs, transaction insurance and many more topics
  • Daily blogs addressing the latest M&A developments
  • A growing inventory of more than 100 webcasts (including transcripts) featuring some of the nation’s most prominent M&A lawyers covering a variety of cutting-edge M&A topics
  • A Q&A Discussion Forum where M&A lawyers can share ideas and practice tips regularly
  • Our “John Tales” members-only blog with stories aimed to educate and entertain
  • Supplemental resources include our newest publication, “The Practical M&A Treatise”
  • Subscribers to our Deal Lawyers print newsletter can also find the current issue and a comprehensive archive of our previous issues


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