Our Mission

Our mission is to turn expert knowledge and understanding of the law into valuable and practical guidance for seasoned professionals.

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Executive Press, now known as CCRcorp, has since released multiple publications under a growing staff of experienced and trusted attorney-editors, such as The Corporate Executive Newsletter (first published in 1986), Romeo & Dye’s Section 16 Forms & Filings Handbook (1991), Romeo & Dye’s Section 16 Treatise (1994) and more before moving into the digital age. TheCorporateCounsel.net was the first of the EP publication websites to launch in 2000, followed shortly after by Section16.net, CompensationStandards.com and DealLawyers.com. In 2004, Executive Press hosted its first Annual Executive Compensation Conference and continues to host annual conferences to this day on relevant legal issues for practicing attorneys.

Jesse Brill always considered EP to not only stand for Executive Press, but also for “Ethics in Practice,” which is what his son Nathan Brill kept in mind when he stepped into the role of Chairperson of the Board for Executive Press. Since then, he made the decision to bring all the publications of Executive Press under the umbrella of a new brand—CCRcorp.

Now, CCRcorp proudly continues the practice of providing interpretive legal analysis and practical guidance for law firms, in-house counsels, executives and other professionals. Our experienced and trusted staff of industry-leading experts that serve as our attorney-editors continue to offer our customers useful, consistent and meaningful interpretation of the law.

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Who we are

CCRcorp is a legal publishing company that provides practical guidance on legal issues involving corporate and securities regulation, corporate governance, compensation standards and many other areas impacting today’s corporate practitioner.

What we do

Our expert attorneys write treatises, handbooks, newsletters and blogs as well as offer webcasts and public speaking engagements that cover the most up-to-date, relevant information in these fields.

How we do it

Our mission is simple. We are committed to providing practical and responsible guidance.

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