2022 Proxy Disclosure & 19th Annual Executive Compensation Conferences

Presented by TheCorporateCounsel.net and CompensationStandards.com

FAQs: Earning CLE for Watching Video Web Conferences

To earn CLE credit for our conferences, please read these FAQs carefully:

  1. Is CLE Credit available for attending the web conferences?
    • Yes, most states approve live webinars/webcasts as live credit. As we get closer to the conference dates, we will post a list of the states for which the conferences are accredited.
  2. Can I earn CLE credit for watching the archive of the web conferences?
    • Not likely. We have filed for “live credits.” Many state bars require watching the webcast live and not by archive. Please check with your individual state bar to determine whether they will accept viewing the archived version as “self-study” and if you can “self report.”
  3. What are the “prompts/polls” that pop up during the web conferences?
    • To comply with certain state bar requirements, attendees who are licensed in states where this webcast is accredited and want to earn CLE credit will need to enter “code words” based on periodic prompts (i.e., about every 15-20 minutes) to attest that they were present throughout the webcast. The periodic prompts — in the form of a “pop-up” box — will stay on your screen for about one minute each time they appear. Our system records whether you entered the code words throughout the webcast. We will provide this information to the state bar, which they will use to verify attorney attendance and the length of time attended.
  4. Can I view the web conferences from a conference room and still earn CLE?
    • We recommend attending from a computer so that appropriate time is captured for each individual; however, we can accommodate groups through the use of attestations and a monitor affidavit.
  5. How will I be able to sign in for CLE credit if I watch the web conferences from my own computer?
    • When you register for the conference, your name and the time you attend each session will be tracked and sent to our CLE provider. At that time, our provider will calculate your time attended. You only need to register and follow the prompts while attending each session.
  6. How do I receive a CLE certificate?
    • You will receive an email following the conference with a link. Please complete the link with your state license information. Our CLE provider will process CLE credits to your state bar and also send a CLE certificate to your attention within 30 days of the conference.
  7. What should I do if the state I seek credit for is listed in your list as “pending”?
    • If you seek CLE credit for one of the few states where our application is pending, we will send a CLE certificate when approved by that state. List of CLE Availability by State Coming Soon.
    • Should you have further questions about CLE credits, please contact our CLE provider:
      CEU Institute – 800.556.3559


If you have questions regarding the conferences or would like to speak to our Business Development and Event Manager, please fill out the form below.