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In addition to our 4 core websites, we offer a wide variety of other publications and products offering practical guidance to help your practice.

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Our practical bi-monthly print publication, written by active partners, such as Dave Lynn of Morrison & Foerster and John Jenkins of Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP, is devoted to corporate finance and corporate governance issues – published for over 40 years.

Written by Dave Lynn and Mike Gettelman, this practical print publication is devoted to executive compensation issues – published for over 25 years.

Our bi-monthly print publication for dealmakers, devoted to practical guidance regarding M&A practices, written by a team of active deal lawyers.


Hard copy of the definitive work for in-house securities lawyers, written by our very own Liz Dunshee.

Hard copy of the definitive work on the proxy season, written by our very own Liz Dunshee.

Hard copy of the definitive work on corporate governance, includes over 300 checklists, written by our very own Liz Dunshee.

For the past 2 decades, this treatise from Peter Romeo and Alan Dye serves as the essential Section 16 resource to provide practical guidance on Section 16 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and all of the related rules.

Written by David Lynn of Morrison & Foerster and Mark Borges of Compensia, this treatise offers practical guidance on various issues relating to executive compensation disclosure.

John Jenkins has put together the most practical – & comprehensive – tome on mergers & acquisitions.

This practical treatise is now available online as an add-on to DealLawyers.com.


216 FAQs with governance & securities law pointers; free for TheCorporateCounsel.net members.

101 tips providing practical career advice; free for TheCorporateCounsel.net members.


An online course for M&A novices, with nearly 60 podcasts, 30+ situational scenarios & a set of the three-volume “Deal Tales” paperbacks.

Other Products


A combination of resources for Section 16 beginners, including 14 online videos and a copy of “Section 16 Tales” paperback.


A Section 16 Beginner’s Manual – a 200-page paperback – filled with practical stories from in-house practitioners, authored by Alan Dye of Hogan Lovells and Broc Romanek.

Education by entertainment! A 200-page paperback using stories to explain the nuances of Reg FD.

Designed to educate new M&A practitioners, this series of three paperback books, with over 600 pages, John Jenkins, a partner at Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP, shared his experiences from hundreds of deals through humorous M&A stories to illustrate fundamental M&A principle


Our simple and practical Edgar and e-filing software for Section 16 forms.


A hard copy package of the Romeo & Dye “Section 16 Forms & Filings Handbook,” “Section 16 Deskbook” and the quarterly “Section 16 Updates” newsletter.

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