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In addition to our 5 core websites, we offer a wide variety of other publications and products offering practical guidance to help your practice.

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Our practical bi-monthly print publication devoted to corporate finance and corporate governance issues – published for over 40 years. Each issue shares essential guidance from experienced practitioners, including Dave Lynn, who currently practices at Morrison & Foerster and previously served as Chief Counsel of the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance, and John Jenkins, who spent over three decades advising companies and boards at Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP.

Written by Dave Lynn and other executive compensation experts, this practical print publication is devoted to executive compensation issues – published for over 25 years.

Our bi-monthly print publication for dealmakers, devoted to practical guidance regarding M&A practices, written by a team of active deal lawyers.


An online course for M&A novices, with nearly 60 podcasts, 36 situational scenarios & online access to Jenkins’ Practical M&A Treatise, the most practical, entertaining & comprehensive resource on mergers & acquisitions – written from a practitioner’s perspective.

Other Products


A combination of resources for Section 16 beginners, including 14 online videos and a copy of “Section 16 Tales” paperback, which is a 200-page beginner’s manual filled with practical stories from the Section 16 trenches.


Our simple and practical Edgar and e-filing software for Section 16 forms.


A hard copy package of the Romeo & Dye “Section 16 Forms & Filings Handbook,” “Section 16 Deskbook” and the quarterly “Section 16 Updates” newsletter.

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