The Evolving Compensation Committee

Learn how to untangle the complex issues that compensation committees face in exercising their fiduciary duties against a backdrop of increased shareholder activism, ...

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Proxy Season Post-Mortem: The Latest Compensation Disclosures

With a much-anticipated season of new executive compensation disclosures now in, investors, journalists - and yes, the SEC Staff - will be taking a look at what was ...

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Termination: Working Through the Consequences

The timing of when an executive officer becomes entitled to severance benefits can impact accounting, SEC disclosures, taxes, say-on-pay and shareholder relations. Join ...

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The Top Compensation Consultants Speak

Our annual webcast focusing on what compensation committees should be learning about - and considering - today. Join these experts: Mike Kesner, ...

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How to Use Cryptocurrency as Compensation

There's been a groundswell in the use of cryptocurrency as a form of compensation for private companies. This is a fast-moving area that has plenty of pitfalls since the ...

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