Compensation Committee Disclosure

This handbook addresses Item 407 and compensation committee disclosure requirements, which have their greatest impact on the composition and operation of compensation committees, but also affect a company’s corporate governance and executive compensation disclosures.

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Compensation Discussion & Analysis

While the disclosure requirements for a CD&A are much more flexible and dynamic than its predecessor, this valuable handbook gives insight through SEC staff interpretations as well as our editor’s analysis and guidance. Plus tons of sample disclosures!

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Perks & Other Personal Benefits

In 2006, the SEC got serious about perks and personal benefits. This handbook zeros in on the details for valuing perks and benefits, answers the popular questions and analyzes specific examples.

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Director Compensation

Navigating disclosure requirements for director compensation; including Director Compensation Tables, practice pointers, and sample disclosures.

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Pay Ratios

Starting with the history, to how the rule works and managing employee fallout, this handbook serves as an invaluable guide to drafting pay ratio disclosures.

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Say-on-Pay Disclosure Issues

Reflecting back on the past several proxy seasons, it’s evident that the required shareholder advisory vote on executive compensation has changed the strategies associated with executive compensation disclosure. Our editors shared their insights and analysis on this issue!

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